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From northeastern India, this forceful tea has a malty fragrance and is an excellent alternative to coffee as a morning wake-up. Ideal with added milk or honey.

Ceylon Estate

Grown on steep hillsides at high elevation on the island of Sri Lanka off the coast of India, this tea is characterized by citrus-like aroma, golden color, and crisp light-bodied flavor.


From the Himalayan foothills, this most celebrated of Indian teas has a delicate flavor and bouquet with a piquant aftertaste. A definite afternoon treat.


The most famous of north China teas, this tea has a toasty aroma and mellow flavor. A good choice almost any time of day.

Lapsang Souchong

From the pine-covered mountains of Formosa, this tea is cured in fragrant wood smoke. Heavy-bodied, red in the cup with a lusty aroma, this tea is perfect for a wintery afternoon and a good companion to savory dishes.

Oolong Choice

From Formosa, this oolong is semi-fermented and shares aspects of both black and green teas but has a flavor all its own. Amber in the cup with a delicate fruity aroma, this tea is clean and light to the taste.

English Breakfast

This classic blend of Keemun and Ceylon teas produces a medium-bodied brew with brisk character. Rich flavor is terrific with milk.

Irish Breakfast

This blend of Assam and Ceylon teas produces a sturdy, dark-flavored cup to get you on your way. In the Irish fashion, add milk after the tea is poured in the cup.


Gunpowder Temple of Heaven

From China, the tightly rolled leaves resemble the cannon powder used in 18th century British ships. When fully steeped, the leaves unfurl surrendering a surprisingly full-bodied tea with rich flavor. Good for afternoon or evening.


From Japan, this tea is rich in Vitamin C. The delicate flavor and aroma make a refreshing afternoon treat. Also an excellent accompaniment to food.

Blood Orange

A citrus sparkle enhances this Japanese green tea.

Genmai Cha

Fire-toasted and popped rice lend a nutty flavor to this Japanese Sencha.



Choice apricot flavoring has been added to a rich blend of black teas.

Black Currant

Rich berry flavor adds sweetness to the aroma and flavor of this black tea blend.

Earl Grey

Black teas are blended with oils from the orange-like Bergamot fruit to produce rich flavor and distinctive aroma. A late-in-the-day favorite.

Ming Jasmine

Fragile jasmine blossoms are layered into a pouchong (between green and oolong) tea, infusing the leaves with an exquisite floral aroma and delicate taste.




Black Currant


Earl Grey


English Breakfast


Organic Sencha



Blue Eyes

This flirty blend of hibiscus, rosehips, orange, and apple results in an enchanting fruit infusion that is naturally caffine-free and wonderfully flavorful.

Peppermint Chamomile

A beautifully presented, exceptionally aromatic and flavorful blend. Perfect for serene moments.

Yerba Mate

This Argentinian plant is rich in nutrients with a delicate grassy flavor and an invigorating effect.

Lemon Hibiscus

Sweet hibiscus harmonizes with the tart, tangy flavor of Asian lemongrass in this aromatic blend.

Orange Rouge Rooibos

Also known as “red tea”, rooibos is an herb grown in the mountains of South Africa. Naturally caffine-free, low in tannins, and chock full of minerals, research suggest that it also helps to releive anxiety, promote sleep, and ease an upset stomach. Ours is infused with blood oranges to make a wonderfully refreshing blend.


Water quality: The subtler the tea, the greater the influence of the water flavor.
If you are dissatisfied with your brew, try bottled water or filtered tap water.

Temperature: For black teas, bring water to a full roiling boil and immediately pour into cup.
For green teas, bring water just to the boiling point.

Quantity: Use 1 tsp. per 6 oz. cup.

Infusion time: Let black teas steep 4-5 minutes, green teas 3-4 minutes, oolongs 7-10 minutes.
Rule of thumb -- the larger the leaf, the longer the infusion time. The fannings in tea bags infuse in as little as 30 seconds.
After steeping, remove the tea leaves to prevent “stewing” and bitterness.

Utensils: Swish hot water in the teapot or cup before adding tea and water.
Fill wire mesh tea balls only halfway -- full leaves will expand to twice their size.
Avoid perforated metal “eggs” -- not enough water can circulate around the leaves.