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Buy 5 lbs. coffee and get 1 lb free
Buy 10 lbs coffee and get 2 lb. free

Buy 1 lb. of tea and get 1/4 lb. free


Buy 5 lbs of coffee and get 1 pound FREE
Buy 10 lbs of coffee and get 2 pounds FREE


1 lb. Chocolate Cover Espresso Beans.
Buy more of these delicious chocolate covered espresso beans and get over 15% OFF

Seattle Chocolate Bars. BUY 5 GET 1 FREE


Coffee assortment: 6 - 1/2 lbs in gift box
Medium Roast: Bolivia, Ethiopia (Yirgacheffe), Mexico, Dark Roast: Viennese, Italian | Flavors: Piñon



Black & Green Tea assortment - 6 - 1/4 lbs in gift box
Black: Assam, Darjeeling, Oolong | Green: Gunpowder, Sencha, Blood Orange


Herbal & Flavored Tea assortment - 6 - 1/4 lbs in gift box
Herbal: Blue Eyes, Peppermint Chamomile, Lemon Hibiscus Flavors: Black Currant, Earl Grey, Jasmine



We now offer Pura steel-walled water bottles. Disposable plastic water bottles are a critical threat to our planet. 38 billion water bottles go into landfills every year and sit there for hundreds of years before they even begin to decompose. In fact, if these bottles were laid end to end they would circle the Earth 150 times…every year!! If this pace keeps up, where are we going to put the one trillion plastic bottles that will be produced in the next couple of decades? As good stewards of our planet it is our responsibility to stop this insidious non-organic pollution and to start using bottles that can be safely refilled and reused.

3 Sizes Available

.6 liter

.8 liter

1.2 liter


Buy Bodum French press for $24.95.
8 cup (32 oz.), Brazil style French Press by Bodum, made of Borosilicate, heat- resistent glass.

Instructions: Place 1/4 lb of coffee in bottom of Press, fill with boiling water and wait 25 seconds for coffee to "brew", press down on plunger and your delicious cup of coffee is done!

Gift Set

Cusinart Supreme Grand Automatic Burr Mill.This burr grinder is the best one we've found! It allows you to select your own grind with its 18 position grind selector from ultra-fine to extra-coarse and has a 4-18 cup slide dial. It includes a removable 8 oz. bean hopper with automatic turn off; Chrome-plated metal design. Refurbished product with genuine Cuisinart parts. 90 day warranty.

Toddy Cold Brew System for Coffee and Tea.If you like iced coffee or iced tea, this is the system for you! The silky smooth coffee that this Toddy system produces all but eliminates the acid and irritating oils released by conventional hot brewing methods - on average, this system reduces coffee acids by 67%! The kit includes Glass carafe, Toddy basket, filter, and plug. Uses one lb. of coffee, ground for automatic drip and overnight your coffee or tea concentrate is ready in the morning. We mix the concentrate with equal amounts of water. Enjoy!

Gift Package of Cuisinart Burr Mill, Bodum French Press and Cozy and Toddy Cold Brew system.

Special! Buy all 3 & Save 15%!