About Las Chivas: The Eldorado Coffee Shop

LOCAL ART, MUSICIANS AND AUTHORS:The Las Chivas Coffeehouse is a place where the community from Eldorado and surrounding areas gather to exchange information, learn about activities and relax. Las Chivas supports local artists, musicians and authors in Eldorado, New Mexico, just outside of Santa Fe. Our community is a plethora of imagination and talent and Las Chivas recognizes the opportunity to showcase community accomplishments through its rotating monthly art and photographic exhibits, book signings and musical appearances. Visit our Eldorado coffeehouse. See the article about us in the Pecos River Gazette

The Las Chivas Coffeehouse

Las Chivas is a sustainable, socially-responsible business, serves 100% organic coffee (some fair Trade, too) and buys largely from local artisans, bakers and craftspeople. Our Las Chivas Coffeehouse in the Agora Shopping Center, outside of Santa Fe in the Eldorado community, is a forum for local expression - be it the different art shows we exhibit each month or the book signings and sales or the daily discussions on every topic under the sun, Las Chivas Coffeehouse is an informal place where opinions and ideas flow freely. 

We are also an innovative business organization that takes pride in offering an employee- and customer-friendly atmosphere, quality products and excellent customer service. Ted and I had very specific reasons for purchasing Las Chivas. You may call these reasons “mission statements” if you like but these are the underlying components of our business philosophy:

1) We are committed to providing for sale as many organic and Fair Trade products as possible, including coffee, tea and foods.

2) We are committed to a green business operation which includes reducing non-recyclable trash by purchasing bio-degradable products which can be composted, recycling newspapers, glass and plastic, using green cleaning products, and providing environmental education information on various topics.

3) We are committed to providing a truly community-based service to our village. This includes purchasing locally the various products we sell, showcasing local talent in the monthly art shows we sponsor, providing opportunities for local musicians and writers to showcase their work and supporting local educational organizations through fund-raising.

Our community is a plethora of imagination and talent! Las Chivas recognizes the opportunity to showcase community accomplishments!
The idea for the revolving art exhibits evolved from the realization that the coffeehouse is a natural centerpiece for highlighting local work in an area where informal space for art exhibits is scarce.  It is a place where artists come to view other artists' work, to exchange information and discuss the topics of the day, to learn about activities and to relax. 

Going Green at Las Chivas Coffee Roaster

Las Chivas is committed to a green business operation and we sponsor others who share our passion for the Earth! For the past six months, Las Chivas has been in the process of converting all its trash made of plastic and styrofoam into trash that is 100% biodegradable and compostable.  So far we have converted all cups, straws, cutlery, plates, and coffee bags.  To collect these biodegradable items, we will be designating "Composting Stations" in the coffeehouse to encourage our customers to concentrate only biodegradable items there.  Coffee grounds and shredded newspapers will be added to the "Composting Station" refuse and composted within the Agora Shopping Center grounds for use in the center's garden areas. Other Agora businesses will be participating in the composting effort as well, which we hope to be in full operation by Spring 2009!

Other activities, such as an environmental film series, was held last November.  Las Chivas also dedicated the month of April 2008 as "Earth Month at Las Chivas" for presentations, demonstrations, musical performances and information on the most pressing environmental issues we face in the community and in our lives. 

Check out Gilbert Candelaria, he's converting mundane objects into whimsical works of art!

Las Chivas Coffee Roaster History

Las Chivas Coffee Roaster opened its first store in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in September 1995. The Eldorado area in Santa Fe County was selected as the site of the first store because of its demographic potential and the area’s need for a specialty coffee roaster. On June 30, 2006, Ted Little and Lynn Pilgrim-Little purchased the Las Chivas in Eldorado, which is the only Las Chivas left on the planet or in the universe!

We are committed to buying top quality green coffee, which is meticulously and consistently roasted. It is this friendly “hometown” ethic, coupled with a passion for quality that has created a wide and loyal following for Las Chivas Coffee in Eldorado and beyond.